Monday, 23 December 2013

30 hours to Christmas ...

... and PIANA version 2.0 made its first sound today. The transition to 'do it all in the render callback' proved trickier than anticipated - as always, something apparently simple had details, wherein resided the devil. Hate that guy.

The devilish trick was that noteon and noteoff events need to be posted to be picked up later, so the callback can process them. That subtlety was missed when I lashed it together a couple of days back.Mainly this is about declicking - the BANE of my soft synth life so far. Well, declicking and aliasing.

But anyway, December 23rd, it makes noises (on an iPad), and it playable and sounds pretty great, but without any GUI at all and without the MIDI lashup thread, I currently have to recompile to change settings. So next edit will be the 'everything controlled by MIDI knobs' update. At that point I can get my friendly neighbourhood pianist to play it.

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  1. 9.00 p.m. December 29th 2013, I am lashing up a 'MIDI-only' user interface so I can explore the parametric space of this thing, and maybe post a video. A sound-only video, as the 'GUI' will consist of printfs ...